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    Bare Bones Sluices

    Our Bare bones sluice boxes are made from one solid piece of 2mm laser cut aluminium making for an economical and light option.

    These sluices all come standard with vortex dream mat ® and a mat mounting clamp with 316 stainless bolt and wing nut fixtures. As with our other sluices these can also be purchased as naked sluices in our naked sluice range.

    The advantage of a solid one piece sluice is ease of lancing to a backpack and one solid channel should you opt to add a handle.

    If you are unclear please call or email via contact page for clarification.

    Bare Bones Sluice Dimensions:

    1180mm long,  widths are in inches specified for each unit.

    Bare Bones Sluice Boxed Weights

    • 8 inch wide unit -    4.9Kgs
    • 10 inch Wide Unit - 5.8 kgs
    • 12 inch wide unit -  6.6kgs

    Select Images below for more information on each sluice variant