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Equinox Metal Detector Range

Equinox Metal Detector Range

The Minelab equinox range grows every year with a Huge offering right across 4 price points. The aftermarket equinox accessories mean you and can pick a model in your price range and kit it out with features and accessories not in the standard offering.

Points of difference to note:

The equinox 600 and 700 do not have a gold mode

The Equinox 600,700,800 and 900 all have forwards and backwards compatible coils so if you upgrade you can continue using your favorite coil.

The headphones for 600-800 equinox series will not work on the new equinox 700 - 900 series.

Target ID on the 700-900 series is much wider allowing for better target separation meaning you'll dig less junk or non target items.

The 700-900 series equinox detectors have compact shafts and a flash light , additionally  vibrational feedback via the detector.

These are some of the significant differences between models but more specs can be found here in the product brochures.

Series 1 Equinox Brochure 600 - 800

Series 2 Equinox Brochure 700 - 900

We've Included the Manticore in this series as this is the top of the line series in this range

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The equinox 600 has been upgraded to the equinox 700 a much more stable more waterproof and light weight unit for the extra small investment its definitely worth it. Equally adaptable for all target types and ground conditions. SIMULTANEOUS MULTI-FREQUENCY...

On Sale $1,299.00 $1,099.00

The best-selling treasure detector of all time just got better. The EQUINOX 700, driven by Minelab’s proven ground-breaking Multi-IQ technology, boasts an impressive 119 High Resolution Target ID system, superior target separation, and is fully waterproof to 5 m (16...

On Sale
On Sale $1,799.00 $1,599.00

Every equinox 900 comes with awesome wireless headphones The best-selling all-in-one treasure and gold detector just got better. The EQUINOX 900, driven by Minelab’s proven ground-breaking Multi-IQ technology, boasts an impressive 119 High Resolution Target ID system, superior target separation,...

On Sale
On Sale $2,699.00 $2,449.00

The Manticore is Minelab's newest release!  All Manticore ordered Directly through Gold rats Website or retail stores receive a gold nugget! More Power. More Depth. More Finds. See getting started with manticore user guide here MANTICORE with Multi-IQ+ is the...

On Sale

minelabs famous equinox 600 and 800 series lower shaft. perfect if you have multiple coils and want to quickly change coils without removing the mounting screw.


This waterproof Equinox 15" × 12" elliptical Double-D coil provides maximum depth for deep treasure hunting, awesome on the beach!


Replacemet skid plate for minelabs equinox and CTX 3030.  6 inch coil that suits equinox detectors 600, 700, 800 and 900. CTX 3030


Replacement skid plate for minelabs equinox 11 inch coil


A foldable stand compatible with Minelab Manticore, Equinox, Xterra Pro, The Legend r, originally designed for Impact Metal Detector. This stand fits the trapezoidal shaft and helps keep your detector up off the rough ground while making it easier to...

From $229.00

Here we have Minelabs Range of purpose built coils that suit all Equinox Metal detectors as well as the new XTerra Pro. There's two brands manufacturing coils for the equinox range Minelab and Coiltek this listing is for Minelab Equinox...


These are Minelabs ML 85 Low Latency wireless headphones that suit the equinox 700 and 900 series and the new X terra Pro. Full Description below. Minelab ML 85 headphones use wireless technology to deliver fast, higher quality audio than...


Minelab ML 105 headphones with premium carry case use wireless technology to deliver fast, higher quality audio than standard Bluetooth. This results in more precise and faster detection responses. They are compatible for use with MANTICORE, EQUINOX 900, EQUINOX 700...