Gold Rat Metal Detectors is located 6/50 Freda Street Upper Mount Gravatt. This is the only store to stock Metal Detectors. Gold Rat Engineering is located 4/16 Redcliffe Gardens Drive Clontarf This is where you will see the largest range of your highbankers, sluices and accessories

Coiltek Products


This accessories pack has all you need to fit our Gold Extreme coils to your Minelab SDC2300 detector. With a high quality injection moulded shaft attachment, clamp and cover you will only need to purchase this once to fit all...


When you need to manoeuvre tight spots and detect in high trash areas, this little coil offers superior sensitivity and pinpointing ability.. Compatible with the Minelab Equinox 600 and 800 Series detectors


Find flecks and deeper targets with outstanding coverage, unparalleled pinpointing, and easy manoeuvrability around rocky or bushy ground. An outstanding choice when hunting over old or new ground, it’s well balanced and built strong to withstand many environments – making...


This large elliptical Gold Extreme coil provides the best ground coverage in the series and maintains excellent depth and sensitivity. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre it is a perfect choice for all day use. Compatible with the Minelab SDC2300

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Here we have coilteks newest deep seeking relic and coin coil! This coil will be awesome on the beach. *Currently on preorder for release 29th November Compatible with all Minelab Equinox detectors and the New XTerra Pro detector. COIL SIZE:...

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Sold Out $521.00

14" Elite This coil is the most popular of the range due to its extra coverage and depth on small and large targets in a range of soil conditions. If you're looking for the ultimate GPX series coil for good...

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here's Coilteks 14x9 Skid plate to suit the Elkite series 14x9 coil

Sold Out $672.00

Prospect all day or clear out your favourite patch with the biggest in the GOLDHAWK series. An excellent option for more open ground, smaller sub-gram targets are easily recovered with pinpointing with sensitivity all around the coil edge. Made robust...

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Sold Out $641.00

Truly round, this coil has excellent depth ability for detecting in open or tricky terrain. With sensitivity all around the coil edge, pinpointing is easy with targets loud and bright for easy retrieval. Made strong, it’s suited to finding gold...

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This large round shaped GOLD EXTREME coil has excellent depth ability while still having good sensitivity for the smaller targets. Being larger than the standard, it covers more ground and provides great overall performance. Compatible with the Minelab SDC2300


The smallest size in the GOLD EXTREME series, this coil has high sensitivity to the small targets with good depth ability. This coils is a great choice for overgrown, tight terrains and is light weight and easy to manoeuvr Compatible...


With an elliptical shape and great depth, pinpointing and sensitivity capability, this robust coil is ideal for detecting in water and open fields. Compatible with the Minelab Equinox 600 and 800 Series detectors