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This is our Bare Bones 12 inch wide river sluice. A great large size sluice perfect for high feed rates where you have access to good water flow. If you frequent areas that have little flow this sluice is not ideal as with width comes water depth requirements.

Our Bare bones sluice boxes are made from one solid piece of 2mm laser cut aluminum making for an economical and light option.

Unlike our Modular sluices which entail complex bends, CNC milling and tig welding.

These sluices all come standard with vortex dream mat ® and a mat mounting clamp with 316 stainless bolt and wing nut fixtures. As with our other sluices these can also be purchased as naked sluices in our naked sluice range.

* This product cannot ship domestically or internationally with Australia post as it is over 1 meter in length. Please select the applicable courier rate at checkout or if international please email us for a quote or select the modular sluice range which can ship via Australia post. 

If you select Australia post we will invoice you for the difference in shipping costs and hold your order until finalised.

If you are unclear please call or email via contact page for clarification.

12 Bare Bones Sluice Specifications

Dimensions - 1180mm long -  12 inch(304.8mm) wide 

Weight -   6.6 Kgs

Required water flow - Minimum 4700 GPH