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    Gold Rat - Highbanker designs

    Its been a while since we posted on here but I wanted ot do a quick post about our Highbanker Designs.

    In 2014 we launched the Outback Pioneer Series Highbanker range, the feedback we got was nothing short of amazing and for the past 5 years this range of highbankers has been pumped out every week from our facility.


    We've moved twice since then, first into our Kipparing warehouse and shop and then this year into our new production facility at Clontarf Industrial estate were we always wanted to be,

    Since moving here we have launched the mini 6 inch highbanker conversion unit for the 6 inch cleanup sluice and that has by far been the most popular product we've launched.

    We were so busy keeping up with demand we didn't have time to stop and communicate some of the highbanker design changes and amendments we did.

    Initially the 6 inch highbanker conversion was driven by customers who had the recirculating units, but what we didn't expect was just how popular this unit would become as a standalone unit.

    Because this was a retrofit we varied our pioneer series design to bolt into a very shallow tray. after some feedback from our customers we opted to design a new water gate system for those still running the 1100gph bilge pump. we also moved the open grizzly plate space further back and this allowed good clearance of the dream mat.

    We do recommend using a 2000 GPH bilge pump when converting the 6 inch to a highbanker as the additional lift and spray bar restriction chokes some of the flow.

    we want you our customer to know we are still working on more options for that 6 inch highbanker and will never stop designing options for our customers.

    Keep an eye out for upcoming highbanker designs its what we love doing


    Gold Hog to Dream Mat conversion

    Gold Hog to Dream Mat conversion

    Today we are looking at converting our flair section of a sluice from Gold hog matting over to the new and more effective dream mat configuration.

    Due to the width of the existing sluice flair we have opted to use rubber bumpers but timber could also be used in this example. see the video below for more info.



    Highbanker Flare test Australia day 2015

    So Ive been testing some goldhog matte configurations using the flair out system to see what fine gold we can capture whilst running seriously aggressive water through the header box and down the initial sluice.

    The new spray bars are made to allow additional flow without restricting pressure so we can drench our material in the hopper. The spray bars are custom threaded 50mm bar.

    I plan on incorporating either expanded metal in the flair to knock some of the velocity out of the water or i will build small wings dams to separate the water. After smoothing the water flow out with a rubber damper i was pretty happy with the spread.

    Now configuration wise I ran 9.5 degrees in the aggressive Matt then 7.5 for the flare. I later tested it out running 5 degrees and as expected the riffled packed up with black sand very quickly.

    overall very happy with the capture rate, the fine gold speaks volumes about it. I did several test pans form the tailing and only got 3 specks all up so i'm happy with that especially with the amount of black sand and gems we were contesting with.


    Next test will be on a fine gold deposit and hopefully well see some serious results. until then here's some photos.

    Highbanker Flarehighbanker flare test water spreadHighbanker Flare cons settled in gold in the highbanker riffles goldrat highbanker goldhighbanker fine gold recovery

    Drywasher Counterbalance efficiency

    ok so a little bit of Background, myself and MJB were having a discussion about what type of drywasher fan works better flat or beveled edge i thought beveled would work better he thought not. these were the test results and we thought it would be best to share with you lot who might be making your own dry washers at some stage. MJB won by a margin in the argument but kicked my ass when it comes to making fans.

    Let me first say i think the only restriction on these fans is the actual weight that they have to turn these fans are so well made.

    Notably the fans both get more air space than mine as my fans are about 30% larger and protrude past the 3" opening quite a bit which this test has proven to be wasted space and non essential weight.

    As such i didn't even test mine i knew right away that these fans performed smoother and better both in dial up and once air was removed continued to spin for some time. Notably the actual fan kick back i.e. fan feel on my face when testing was notably higher on the flat profile (subject 2).

    so is this good or bad? i don't know I'll test in the field with dry dirt and see, maybe I'll have to incorporate a screen to deaden the impact of the direct pressure on the material or maybe the flat edge blade solves a problem here with minimal rpm impact.
    The flat edges seemed to spread the wind force outward instead of upward.

    So there was not a significant difference and these results would vary massively if the box was on more or less of an angle removing or adding to gravitational pull.

    this is rpm taken on the outer counterweight, if taken from the fan center these fans were getting between 5-9000rpm because all surfaces are reflective its very hard to get a good test or accurate result.
    now for results
    test 1 subject bent edge

    test 2 subject straight edge