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    Gold Rat Bilge Pumps

    Gold Rat Bilge Pumps

    Earlier this year we released our own brand of Bilge pumps called "Bushmans bilge pumps" These are a response to ongoing supply and costing restraints we have come up against over the past few years.

    Gold rat have always recommended the best pump that we have physically tested for our equipment.

    Over the past 10 years we have recommended Brands such as TMC, Seaflow, Whale and Rule.

    Each brand over the years has evolved for their core market "Boat users" with each development comes additional investment and sometimes features and functionality not relevant to our hobby "Gold Prospecting".

    Rule bilges are a perfect example, they used to retail for $45 they now offer 2 removable sleeves and a non return valve built in which adds friction loss to the overall water discharged and unnecessary cost.

    With an RRP of $94.50 and an average retail sale price of $84 we had to retest it against the competition, we found that the Seaflow 1100 GPH bilge beat the Rule on pressure and flow delivery and at a retail sell price of $37 with 2 year warranty this is a no brainer. 

    We supplied Seaflow bilge pumps for quite a few years before we found supply issues again and the usual distributors adding their quarterly or annual price increases.

    Rather than have another year with delays in stock arriving and unknown costings we contracted a manufacture we trust and had them produce our own range of pumps. Bushmans bilge pumps.

    We are now able to guarantee supply for our customers and retail network at a fixed price plus we are offering a three year Australian warranty on all pumps.

    Our Range of bilge pumps for gold sluices and highbankers match perfectly with our 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch wide units with a pump for each.

    the 1100GPH suits a 6 inch cleanup unit while the 2000GPH will power a 6 inch as a highbanker with better pressure.

    the GR4700 will power the 8, 10 and 12 inch units, we are able to supply a reduction flange that converts the flow to the correct discharge rate by adding a fixed size camlock.

    the 8 inch unit takes a 32mm camlock, the 10 inch unit takes a 40mm camlock and the 12 inch requires no camlock as the bilge is barbed at 50mm and so is the hose suited to a 12 inch unit.

    Corona Virus updates and Delays for your gold sluices

    Corona Virus updates and Delays for your gold sluices

    Covid 19 has caused many issues around the world in relation to our shipping network, the main effected services are standard mail with alot of standard mail being suspended in many countries.

    We recommend selecting express where you can.Below is a link to the updated by country impact ETA, you can see which services have been suspended due to no services in that region.  for more info see below



    Modular Sluices - Gold rat Range

    Modular Sluices - Gold rat Range

    Why are so many prospectors and families alike turning to the Gold rat Modular sluices range?


    Lets look at where we are to understand why our prospecting equipment has changed over the years. Most of us started out with a gold pan true?

    I know i did but quickly realized that bending down all day and panning takes it tole on the body. Further the results were good but not great. So what most of us do is get on youtube or google and search for a solution... bring in the humble highbanker.


    Highbankers allow us to process more material, more efficiently and more productively which is why you see so many weekend warriors posting up nice pans of gold from their weekends work.

    For a long time highbankers have been extremely popular but over the last 10 years we ahve been under attack from the glass office window decision makers trying to stop us from enjoying our hobby.

    So what we've seen is unnecessary castration of this hobby in the form of "mechanical restriction" very carefully drafted regulations that can be interpreted in different ways that make it very confusing for the average consumer.

    NSW, QLD both have very muddy grey area supportive framework around what you can and cant do, it seems if you don;'t discharge directly back into the water supply that there's no real law that can prevent a person from pumping water from a common water supply however somehow combining the two things, public water use and fossicking and now we have a problem..... apparently.. yet I've heard not one single case of a person being penalized for use of a pump in these states. something to think about.

    so we know where we've been now where we are... with growing concern around the use of pumps we have committed alot of time into developing a series that accommodates both pump driven and standard river sluice capabilities.

    Introducing the Gold rat Modular Gold Sluice Range

    modular sluice range

    So why is a modular gold sluice better than a highbanker for the average prospector?

    Simple a highbanker will always be a highbanker and can't run from the rivers natural flow, you will always need a water supply and power source.

    Our Modular Gold Sluice range allows you to have a river sluice that you can simply remove 4 wingnuts and bolt in a header box in its place that you can plumb to your chosen water device be it a petrol water pump or bilge pump.

    We offer 12v bilge pumps for every sluice we manufacture.

    From that simple transition you have converted your river sluice into a power sluice.

    Why is that so powerful? simple you can now run in the field and run in your backyard so why not take a few buckets of dirt home with you next time and on a rainy day when you can't get out fire the power sluice up i the backyard make a cup of coffee and you can enjoy your hobby from the comfort of your own home.

    The sluice header box is a great add-on but we don't stop there we can't! we love this hobby and we want to be able to set up our gear with full control over angle, height and we want it to be light and mobile so we have added the highbanker leg kit to this range.

    More recently we added a flare kit to the header box which opens up your feed area and allows you to move your water delivery from the rear to a spraybar setup. now you have pressurized material processing the same as a highbanker.

    There's one more add-on that really makes this modular gold sluice range very practical and effective, we have an option for a classification tray that allows you to hold material back for longer which aids in material break down but also allows you gemstone chasers the time and opportunity to inspect your rocks as you discard them over the tray in a forward classifying motion. 

    You now have a fully functioning forward classifying highbanker that can go back to a river sluice by simply removing 4 wing nuts.

    The classification tray still plays a great role in with river sluice mode as the same principles apply in the river.

    So you can see why many people opt for the modular range over a highbanker these days, yes the options will add up to a larger investment than a highbanker but they are so much more. and all of these accessories are designed to pack into a much smaller box reducing the overall freight charges by 400%

    You can see the full range of Sluice Accessories here

    Gold Rat - Highbanker designs

    Its been a while since we posted on here but I wanted ot do a quick post about our Highbanker Designs.

    In 2014 we launched the Outback Pioneer Series Highbanker range, the feedback we got was nothing short of amazing and for the past 5 years this range of highbankers has been pumped out every week from our facility.


    We've moved twice since then, first into our Kipparing warehouse and shop and then this year into our new production facility at Clontarf Industrial estate were we always wanted to be,

    Since moving here we have launched the mini 6 inch highbanker conversion unit for the 6 inch cleanup sluice and that has by far been the most popular product we've launched.

    We were so busy keeping up with demand we didn't have time to stop and communicate some of the highbanker design changes and amendments we did.

    Initially the 6 inch highbanker conversion was driven by customers who had the recirculating units, but what we didn't expect was just how popular this unit would become as a standalone unit.

    Because this was a retrofit we varied our pioneer series design to bolt into a very shallow tray. after some feedback from our customers we opted to design a new water gate system for those still running the 1100gph bilge pump. we also moved the open grizzly plate space further back and this allowed good clearance of the dream mat.

    We do recommend using a 2000 GPH bilge pump when converting the 6 inch to a highbanker as the additional lift and spray bar restriction chokes some of the flow.

    we want you our customer to know we are still working on more options for that 6 inch highbanker and will never stop designing options for our customers.

    Keep an eye out for upcoming highbanker designs its what we love doing