COVID-19 Notice. Yes we are we are trading as normal behind closed doors, as a family business we are isolated. We have reduced Courier collections to one pickup at 3pm each day. There are small delays in processes like Laser cutting, CNC, material procurement etc but all of our suppliers are trading and we appreciate your support during this time. Lets hope we can all do our part to isolate and get back to normal ASAP
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    Petrol and Bilge Pumps

    Here we have a collection of tried and tested water transfer pumps for use with a highbanker, gold sluice or recirculating sluice setup.

    Our range of Bilge pumps include Rule, TMC and Seaflow we have found these individual brands stand out in their flow rate and amp draw for each purpose.

    If running a 6 inch system as a cleanup sluice with classified material the 1100 GPH bilge is ideal, when running raw material in a 6 inch sluice the best option is a 2000GPH bilge.

    8 inch systems require a 3000 GPH bilge pump and upward, the 10 and 12 inch sluice systems we recommend the Seaflow 4700 GPH bilge pump.

    With the Petrol pumps the 2HP thornado will deliver enough flow for a 8-10 inch system and the 2 inch 6.5HP thornado pump is more suited otthe 10 and 12 inch system.

    All of the pumps we supply come with Australian warranty and service so you can purchase with comfort knowing you're dealing with an authorized Australian representative company.