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Clean-Up Buddy! All-In-One Travel Clean-Up Unit with Dream Mat Micro Mat.

Product includes:

  • All-In-One 3D printed Sluice w/ stand.
  • 12v 500 gph bilge with flow control
  • Banjo Dream mat

Formerly supplied with 110v pump and transformer the 12v will be much more suited to Australian conditions.  

RV/Camping Ready! Great Beginner Paydirt Machine! This unit being able to go anywhere any time, on the road/ at the hotel, in your garage, it's just too FUN!

Finally a Clean-UP machine more accurate than panning, so no more wondering if you missed anything.

Screen down to 1/4" I let it go & run it till you see the gold stacking up, no more worries about migration. Adjustable pump for big gold, or turn it down for fine gold. "That Was Easy" has been redefined! A tool that makes life easy.
Five Colours to choose from they do change week to week.  Please note that you are only choosing the colour of the unit, the dream mat colours vary and are issued at random.