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Modular Gold Sluice Range

This is our Modular Sluice range offering which allows you to option up your river sluice to suit direct pumped water feed.

Introducing our Modular Gold Sluice Series

Being modular means you can get started with prospecting with a sluice relatively cheaply while having room and option to grow as does your interest in Gold Prospecting.

Each Sluice has a removable Flare that is designed to channel water into your sluice and offers a slick plate area to dump gold bearing material onto when prospecting.

There are a few variations in this range and they are categorized by the width of the recovery system in the sluice. This is called Vortex Dream mat and is currently one of the most efficient gold recovery matting systems in the world.

Dream mat for this sluice range comes in 8, 10 and 12 inch wide lengths so when referring to different size sluices this is what we are referring to.

The actual lengths of these three sluices vary slightly due to the flare variation and the 10 and 12 inch modular flares fit inside the sluice when broken down. Without the flare all three sluice channels are 38 inches long

Gold Sluice Options include:

Removable Flair

Header Box addition

Leg kit options

Classifying trays

Header box Flare kit