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Tyger Sabre Tooth

Made from Stainless Steel tube, with a Bisalloy 450 blade.

Tig Welded, Laser Cut serrations and a 200mm reinforced collar for added strength.

Total Length - 900mm
Handle - 150mm wide
Tube - 32mm
Blade - 90mm at widest point, tapering down to 60mm at beginning of serrations, 250mm long.

Over the front foot plate - 70mm x 100mm with added grip tape.

Designed with a large foot plate that allows the operator to place their body weight onto the blade. Then by simply moving the shovel front to back or side to side (depending on conditions) allows the blade to penetrate the soil with ease.

Approx. weight - 1.85kg

* Please note that each tool is handmade and therefore may be some differences in dimensions.