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By popular request this Cube mat was designed to meet the constant requests from cube owners to have a mat that could be removed and process more material faster.

Fitting the Gold Cube Mat

To fit this mat into your cube you will need to remove the exiting matting and clamp this mat in place. we an provide a clamp bar for this or you can use a flat piece of aluminium or similar to do that same.

Is it better in the cube than conveyor mat? we cant say that, cube users know how to use their equipment better than we ever will. What we do know is it works really well and processes allot faster and is much faster and easier to clean out than conveyor.

We are all about providing options to prospectors because when you have a piece of equipment that you love why not have options for different styles of processing.

This mat works amazingly well in a standalone sluice in series, but we do have a larger sluice version coming very soon.

dimensions are:

11.6 x 11 3/4 inches

suits classified material

This listing is for the Green Cube mat we also offer this sluice mat in Black and Transparent Blue