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Here we have our Minicell dream mat range!

The Minicell in vortex Dream mat ® is an awesome cell design for processing sands, crushed ore and chasing gemstones.

Characteristics are an offset saw design where cells run a raised peak which interrupts laminar flow creating a more agitated aggressive pattern. 

Additionally the rear wall has a concave to accelerate the cleaning function of this mat removing waste fast!

The vortex overwhelms heavies and draws them into the holding cell for concentration.

This listing is for the mats and clamp options only!

Where would you use a Mincell over a standard cell?

If you chase gemstones or are refining battery sands, want to hold more concentrates or simply want to try a different vortex cell after your open cell.

These mats are offered in short sluices as well as extensions which can be added to a highbanker or sluice.


Currently mini cell is available in widths of 6, 8 and 10 inch, lengths are varied as per below. small variants apply up to 1% for expansion

Dimensions - Colour

6 inch Mini Cell - 6 x 16 inch - this listing is blue you can purchase additional colours in our 6 inch dream amt listing

8 inch mini Cell - 8 x 24 inch - Green

10 inch mini Cell - 10 x 24 inch - Blue

12 inch mini Cell - Black or Black and purple

 See images for examples of sluices with mat installed - This listing is for the mats only!