Gold Rat Metal Detectors is located 6/50 Freda Street Upper Mount Gravatt. This is the only store to stock Metal Detectors. Gold Rat Engineering is located 4/16 Redcliffe Gardens Drive Clontarf This is where you will see the largest range of your highbankers, sluices and accessories

Here is a great book by Doug Stone that covers all general information when gold prospecting, its the first book i picked up back in 2010 that really made an impact and changed my perspective on how to find and work gold deposits.

This is a great book to buy as a gift for someone getting started or to add to your own knowledge and collection of great prospecting literature.

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Australian Goldfields attracted adventurers from all over the world. Huge finds made some rich, while others left destitute.

Recent finds in Victoria, Western Australia and elsewhere show that rich gold deposits remain, and Gold Prospecting describes how to prospect correctly and where to find and recover gold.

Descriptions of all major reef and alluvial fields, accompanied by over 30 maps discuss the conditions under which gold occurs. Prospecting techniques and the construction and use of gold recovery equipment, including the latest metal detectors, are also described.

Extent: 192 pages
Size: 240 x 184mm, softback