Gold Rat Metal Detectors is located 6/50 Freda Street Upper Mount Gravatt. This is the only store to stock Metal Detectors. Gold Rat Engineering is located 4/16 Redcliffe Gardens Drive Clontarf This is where you will see the largest range of your highbankers, sluices and accessories

Here we have the Dryland dredge nozzle made by Sam in America. In our opinion he makes the best nozzles on the market. (see video below)


They have a spray nozzle which can be used to clean bedrock or pump water into a dry hole to clean material outside of the river.

Each nozzle features a reduction ring to reduce rock jams and comes with a threaded water inlet.

The threads are bare steel so we recommend painting them to prolong their life, the actual nozzles are stainless steel.

If out of stock lead times vary email for etas

All nozzles Ship from our Warehouse in Clontarf if the stock below says in stock its here, we do not drop ship anything from America.

Dredge nozzles are illegal to use in Australia without a dredge permit on an active Claim for gold please familiarize yourself with your local restrictions. Gold Rat supply prospecting equipment to many markets around the world including PNG and new Zealand where dredging is very common. We also supply dredging equipment to reclamation projects and sediment projects managed by government departments Australia wide