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Here we have another Black Plastic pan by Estwing

In terms of functionality and price the estwing plastic pans are cheapest with good riffle design available in Australia. We offer cheaper plastic pans for beginners but these have a good sharp edge riffle with varied height features on offer.

That is we have a large riffle for general panning and a finder riffle for the last cleanup which makes these little pans a great investment if you want to start with a good recovery pan.

We offer the 250mm, 350mm and 400mm versions.

The 250mm is ideal for people with small hands and children, the 350mm is the best all round size for most people and if you are a seasoned prospector and want a large pan for production panning the 400mm version is for you.

One of this pans features and cons is that it is light weight, that can be a problem if you load your pan up and carry it to the water edge being that its light and flexible.

If you need a rigid pan then i would suggest the XP in a 14 inch as a solid choice.

Weight -

250mm - 140 Grams

350mm - 260 Grams

400mm - 370 Grams