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Introducing our 10 inch Modular Sluice extension option suited to all Gold Rat 10 inch wide sluice systems. This is a single mat extension dual mat extensions are available in a different listing.

Made from CNC Milled 5052 Aluminium two part Extension with sleeved joiner and stainless steel fixtures, this option allows the prospector and miner alike to increase throughput, processing capacity and when overfeeding reduce losses.

The design incorporates a multi-mount connection system which integrates with every leg option we have offered over the years, as with all of our products the unit is forward and backward compatible.

When adding to a 10 inch recirculating system / cleanup system simply remove the lower legs and use the sleeve to extend while migrating the legs to a lower position, there are three positions in total available to you.

If using for our 10 inch bare bones sluice you can simply drill 8mm holes to match the profile of the rear mounts. If you have one of our new 1088 sluices the holes are already there.

This gold sluice extension will also fit onto our modular sluices and outback pioneer series highbankers.

One awesome feature of this extension is there is no limit to how many extensions you can run, each sluice is cnc milled to accommodate another extension.

Whats included:

1 x Sluice

1 x Sluice Connector Sleeve

1 x optional Blue mini mat or naked extension option

1 x 10 inch low profile dream mat clamp

2 x m6x16 button head bolt

4 x m8 stainless wingnut

8 x m8x16 button head bolt

4 x m8 Stainless Flange nut