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Here we have our 6x16" mini cells Dream mat

This profile was originally designed for use in large scale commercial mining with classification to 8 mesh, we decided to make this profile available in a small system for gold prospectors.

the images show use in one of our clean-up systems with the clamp,

What makes mini cells so special?

The mini cells being engineered for fine feeds has a larger surface area for slower processing, it does not have the same design features as the traditional larger dream mat cell which allows for self classification. This makes this profile more tight, for slow processing with amazing fine gold retention.

we can supply this in green, black, purple and blue options

Extremely well suited to:

  • 8 mesh Sieve classified material
  • Crushed material
  • Clean-up systems to reduce concentrates
  • Beach sands and river sand bar deposits to pull down that elusive flood gold.
  • Low flow (runs well with 1100 gph and lower water supply)
  • small Sluices

 Note* this tight complex profile is impossible to cast without some small air bubbles and imperfections this will in no way hinder the functionality of the mat