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Here we have  the Proline 4 inch pontoon dredge equipped with  Honda GX200 Engine and HP400 Dredge pump the ultimate dredge for fine gold recovery.

This is our last unit and has been used for display, has minor water marks from transport etc few bumps and scratches but good to go.

An added upgrade is the rotating nozzle, with all metal parts electroplated for long life.

The light weight, portability and affordability of this 4" dredge makes it very appealing. Small enough to slide into a small trailer, light enough to be packed into remote areas, the 4" makes an excellent one man dredge. This model is equipped with pontoons that have increased stability over previous models, while remaining compact and lightweight. The frame remains essentially the same as previous models. It's a sturdy bolt together design which allows the dredge to be disassembled into smaller components for ease of transport. Assembly requires only a few hand tools.

The Honda GX200 engine and HP400 pump provide additional power over the smaller brother with gx160 and hp350 pump combo. . The HP400 is a very efficient 3"x 2" pump with a high flow, "progressive bite" five vane impeller. This is the only pump in the industry designed specifically for the GX200 engine. We highly recommend this engine/pump package for anyone who dredges to greater depths or at higher altitudes. This dredge is equipped with our "sure-flow" coupler, which essentially, eliminates all surface rock jams. Our unique one piece jet/flare assembly not only reduces down time caused by rock jams, it is extremely light, and outlasts conventional steel jets by four to five times!

Using the highly acclaimed "wave classifier" which is proven to greatly enhance fine gold recovery by eliminating the problems associated with processing low grade sand. The classifier develops a pulsing, or "jigging," action which prevents the dredged material from loading up under it. By shedding the low grade particles, the fine gold can drop out of suspension earlier and accumulate under the classifier where it is safe from the turbulence and disturbance caused by the larger rocks traveling through the sluice. The rear portion of the sluice box utilizes "Hungarian" riffles for maximum efficiency and the dredge is equipped with Nomad matting for the ultimate in fine gold recovery. No other 4" dredge even comes close.

Note images below show the exact unit we are supplying this has been used twice for demonstration only and never been in a river. Includes spare air tank and regulator.

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  • Engine:  Honda GX200
  • Pump:  HP400 (Honda GX200)
  • Sluice Box: 16" x 48"
  • Dredge Hose: 4" x 15 ft.
  • High Pressure Hose: 2" x 72"
  • Intake Hose: 2.5" x 38" (3" x 42" for Honda GX200)
  • Flotation: 4 polyethylene floats 13" X 46" X 74"
  • Air Compressor: T-80 (standard)
  • Weight: 208 lbs. to 212 lbs.