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The Outback Pioneer Series Highbanker is finally here.

The culmination of years of Highbanker designs, modifications, refinement and custom builds has resulted in what you see. The Outback Pioneer series pays homage to the hard outback that has so willingly provided us with this great hobby of Gold Prospecting in Australia.

*please note we have removed the side engraving of our pioneer series sluice section highbankers to increase production time.

Dimensions: (8"=203.2mm, 10"=254mm, 12"=304.8mm)

Hopper - Width 10 inches x 200m high, 600mm long
Sluice - Width 10 inches x 180mm high tapered to 70 mm and 1220mm long with 36 " of dream mat

Features Include:

  • All Highbankers come with 36" of Vortex Dream Mat
  • CNC precision cut Light weight heavy duty 5052 Aluminium with compact design
  • Laser cut Adjustable stainless steel leg brackets for angle height and stability
  • 4mm Height adjustment hopper arms
  • Adjustable under hopper water crash control gate
  • Boiler box with our custom 20mm Raised then rolled flat and galvanised steel clay breaker mesh
  • Spray bar options built into design for cross member or wraparound spray bar to suit the user *spray bar supplied is plumbed to a female 32mm thread.
  • Innovative Dream matting with superior fine gold retention.

**this product cannot ship internationally with Australia post, please email us for a quote or select the courier rate at checkout. if you select Australia post for this product and international shipping we will refund the purchase and email you with a quote.

**TNT OVERNIGHT EXPRESS service is not available for Highbankers, please disregard this option if presented at check out.

If you plan on using a highbanker check to see if you are permitted in your state, region or river. Some areas like Victoria are very supportive of highbanker use but there are some rivers and streams on the restricted list as stated on your miners right.