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Over the past three years we've worked extensively with miners and engineers to produce a Commercial Dream mat solution that best fits the brief.

Fine gold recovery and high volume throughput were the primary factors whilst developing this cell and all of the miners running this mat have put it into production with great success.

 These industrial and small scale tiles are 750 wide x 1540mm long and are capable of processing screened material efficiently at 12.5 tonne per hour for gold sand projects.

 Throughput and clear times will vary with ore, heavy gold rich sulphides obviously require more processing time to clear whilst light sands migrate extremely well.

The Industrial Dream mat tile is cast in a premium UV stable hard urethane for ease of clamping on both sides. Below is where this product falls into the Shore hardness scale.


The Industrial Dream mat tile weighs in at 14 Kgs and is generally cast to order, we keep a small holding in stock at all times but if you are in a hurry please contact us direct.

 If you are an industrial customer looking at purchasing multiple tiles for your next project please contact Dustin via the contact form at Gold Rat Engineering


This Product is cast to order the numbers next to "in stock" refer to the volume of polyurethane we have in stock to produce at the time.