Gold Rat Metal Detectors is located 6/50 Freda Street Upper Mount Gravatt. This is the only store to stock Metal Detectors. Gold Rat Engineering is located 4/16 Redcliffe Gardens Drive Clontarf This is where you will see the largest range of your highbankers, sluices and accessories

Proline offers one of the most comprehensive line of pumps in the small dredge industry. These are high performance centrifugal pumps designed specifically for operating dredges.

These pumps are engineered for purpose and are direct bolt on to the Honda GXH50 range of engines with 5/8 inch threaded shaft. It has a 1.5” intake and a 1.25” discharge.

As a single unit this pump will power a 2 inch dredge and is suited to running as a primary delivery pump delivering up to 24,000 litres of water per hour.

This pump is designed to bolt directly onto a Honda GXH50, which we install for you in this listing.

Each pump is cast in the US from premium quality A356 aluminum, then heat treated to a "T-6" hardness for years of service. Every component is then machined on computer controlled equipment to ensure the exact tolerances required for optimum performance. We use 5, 6, and 7 vane "aggressive bite" impellers with large intake throats to provide high volume with greater working pressure than similar pumps on the market. They are hand-assembled using US made seals, heavy duty reusable gaskets, and grade 8 hardware. The quality and performance of these units, when coupled with our efficient jetting systems, offers outstanding dredge vacuum with very little service required.