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This is a high-quality Aussie-made Universal Bunji Cord - that fits a variety of detectors, including various MINELAB detectors such as the:

SDC 2300, GPX 4500/5000, GPX 6000, GPZ 7000, etc.

It is also excellent for use with the VLF-technology detectors (e.g. Manticore, Equinox series etc), particularly when using bigger/heavier DD coils (e.g. on the beach etc.)


This Bunji cord features a heavy-duty plastic hook at the top end – that can be quickly attached/removed from a ‘D’ loop on the front of a harness or backpack.

The position of this plastic hook can also be quickly changed by locking-off the Bunji cord (within the side-groove of the plastic hook), simply by pulling the upper outstand of the Bunji cord at 90-degrees away from the plastic hook.


Total length is approx. 90cm (3 feet)