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Arctic Gauntlet Gloves for Wading in Salt and Fresh COLD Water

More Hand Girth Allows Room for the Use of Warmer Gloves Underneath

  • ARCTIC WATERPROOF GAUNTLET GLOVES: These arm-length lined gloves will keep your hands warm and dry when metal detecting in moderate and cold water conditions. When detecting in cold water these gloves provide you the room needed to be able to wear a set of warm knit or felt gloves underneath.
  • PERFECT SIZE: Our large size gauntlet gloves have more girth in the hands/fingers than standard gauntlet gloves. If you have medium size hands, you should be able to wear a pair of winter gloves underneath.  If your size is XL, you should be able to wear a thick pair of felt or knit gloves. The gauntlet gloves measure 36” from finger tips to end of the sleeve.  The sturdy elastic strap comfortably holds the sleeves in place. We also added a little more girth in the sleeves so that wearing a winter coat is not a problem.
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: A two seam seal at the wrists gives these PVC Arctic Gauntlet Gloves added protection and reliability during cold weather use.