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Loaming for Gold (4th Edition)

Loaming for Gold by Sam Cash is one of the most influential books I read when getting serious about prospecting. While the content is based in Western Australia the same principles for locating gold deposits can be applied to anywhere in the world.

The art of Loaming is one we should all study and become familiar with, its the art of taking samples and documenting in a methodical way to pinpoint where gold is shedding from or moving due to erosion or mother natures pressure.

This book has helped me locate the best places to dig many times over and would be a an asset to any prospectors library.

Weight (g) 150 g
Author Sam Cash
Publisher Hesperian Press
Edition 4th Edition
Edition Date Mar-08
Pages 84
Size 210 x 297 x 1mm
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780859054317