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Gold rat 200W Solar Blanket

20A MPPT Controller with 4.5M Cable Alligator Clips and enclosed bag

It's a no brainer when you spent time out bush to lean towards 12v power as we can often get charge from our cars and the sun. Gold Rat 's new 200Watt Solar blanket offers capacity for up to 16-amp output with our waterproof integrated MPPT Controller.

MPPT controllers convert more power from the sun to a regular solar controller found with most cheap solar blankets on the market. We went a step further and sourced the best MPPT that’s waterproof so you can mount these on your car, 4wd or trailer without worrying about the weather.

These are prewired with anderson leads for you to plug straight in.

The Panels are a light weight, low footprint 5 Bus bar Grade A Monocrystalline 6 panel Solar cell system with integrated carry bag right in the panel. We wanted to go further and make all cords and Anderson leads waterproof and insulated to avoid damage.

Let’s talk about efficiency

With 200 watt you can get up to 16 amps, in the real world with clouds, smog in the city or overcast days you can expect to get 7 amps i the city and an average 8 amps generally. But in the right circumstances we've seen solid 12 amps on a clear sunny day at midday 20 minutes from Brisbane mounted on a cool roof rack with airflow. The higher up you are with clearer skies the better the output.
It important to have realistic expectations from your panel as some companies will tell you that you will get 16 amps all day and its just not the case.

Looks and efficiency

We designed this unit form the ground up, so of course we don't want to go with a black material that will attract heat making the panel less efficient, we've gone with a unique light-coloured camouflage to blend in the bush which makes it the perfect solar blanket for prospectors, campers, and hunters alike.
We know you’ll love this addition to your camping kit.


  • Closed as carry bag 48x42x8cm
  • open 125x94cm
  • weight boxed 7kg unboxed 5.7kgs


whats in the box?

everything you see below in this picture solar blanket with integrated carry bag, lead, MPPT and alligator clips with anderson