Gold Rat Metal Detectors is located 6/50 Freda Street Upper Mount Gravatt. This is the only store to stock Metal Detectors. Gold Rat Engineering is located 4/16 Redcliffe Gardens Drive Clontarf This is where you will see the largest range of your highbankers, sluices and accessories

Here we have our highbanker or Sluice leg kit, this kit simply allows you to add legs to your existing highbanker or sluice by drilling two m8 holes to suite the stainless steel bracket. If you have a modular gold rat sluice  you will already have the holes pre-drilled.

Once fitted the Stainless steel bracket allows you to adjust height and angle of all four mounting points of your sluice or highbanker.

The backing bracket is used to support the weight of the sluice rather than add pressure. You can use this support bracket as your stencil when marking your drill holes.

Total weight is 2.1kgs

Highbanker Leg Kit Includes:

  • 4 x 316 Stainless Steel Backing plates
  • 4 x 316 Stainless Steel Leg support brackets
  • 4 x 12mm Solid bar aluminium legs with tig welded feet 55 cm in height
  • 4 x M8 adjustment handles
  • 8 x M8 Nut Bolts and Nylon Washer

The pictures attached show the exact components that come with your leg kit however we may change the style of nuts and bolts to suit as required.