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    News — ballarat gold

    Gold Rat Testing Flood Line

    I took my new Gold Rat V1.0 Highbanker out yesterday for a run in an old diverted creek on the south side of Ballarat, there was some really good colours in the flood line. I made a demo video to show you how the height of the hopper can be changed depending on the type of material (pay dirt) your running at the time.

    If I'm in really soft washed flood material most often I will run a very steep angle because I don't want all the material to run through the box, I just want to wash the gold off it and into the sluice. However if I am running really muddy material then I'll lower the hopper as much as possible to slow down the fall off action and put as much pressure on the clay as i can, you will find that most often once a rock is clean it will move toward the rear of the hopper.

    I didn't get a lot of colours but I wanted to show you how fine the gold is that this unit will catch, on the left the pan is about how much concentrate you'll get out of each clean out if you've run for long enough, pan on the right was the tally for the Hour run came home with some really fine gold.

    Research is Key ballarat Leads - Gold Mining

    I Came across this publication whilst researching Ballarat leads on the Sebastopol side its such a great read if your a Ballarat local it gives away a lot of information to the success of certain leads. Its not enough to simply research the leads and where they intersect a river or waterway you need to find out what type of gold was produced, what if any host rock it was in, its profitability when mined etc. This willl increase your chance of success in Highbanking considerably.

    Below you will see a map of Sebastapol where Lord Raglan lead crosses the Yarrowee river, after reading the exerts from The golden chain I now know that this lead was difficult to work and produced very little gold. I have seen the gold in this area and it is fine indeed, or as we call it in the prospecting game flies poo :)

    The Golden Chain
    A History of Sebastopol (Victoria, Australia)
    with special reference to gold and mining

    Evan D Jenkins & Arthur J Jenkins