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New Coils for the GPX 6000

New Coils for the GPX 6000

New Coils for the GPX 6000

The Minelab GPX 6000 detector kit ($7,999) includes the Minelab 11” round Monoloop coil (GPX11 coil) and also the Minelab 14” round DD coil (GPX14 coil). The GPX11 coil weighs about 600 grams, and the GPX14 coil weighs about 900 grams.

An optional extra coil is the larger, elliptical Minelab 17”x13” (GPX17) Monoloop coil (cost $579) that weighs about 800 grams.
New Minelab skid/scuff plate covers for the three Minelab coils range from about $33 up to $45.

Aftermarket coil makers – both Nugget Finder, and Coiltek, recently released a range of various-sized, non-spoked/solid, Monoloop coils for the GPX 6000. Nugget Finder have released the ‘Xceed’ series of coils, and Coiltek have the ‘Goldhawk’ series of coils. These coils are all approved by Minelab.

The Nugget Finder Xceed coils (white coloured) have an ABS housing, are rated as waterproof to 1 metre depth, have a 2-Years Warranty, and include the following elliptical sizes:

8x6 inches - cost $659 (weighs 570 grams)
12x7 inches - cost $699 (weighs 700 grams)
16x10 inches – cost $745 (weighs 970 grams)

The Coiltek Goldhawk coils (very pale tan coloured) are also rated as waterproof to 1 metre depth, also have a 2-Years Warranty, and include the following sizes:
9 inches round - cost $579 (weighs 700 grams)
10x5 inches - cost $579 (weighs 575 grams)
14x9 inches – cost $639 (weighs 900 grams)

Feedback so far from a many gold hunters throughout Australia has been impressive as to how stable (smooth & quiet) the coils run, and how sensitive they are to all sizes of gold nuggets, with great depth capabilities. Many people also prefer the elliptical shaped coils for not only ease of use on less-open ground/more vegetated ground, but also for better pinpointing capability than a round coil.

Maintenance Tip:
To minimise scuff marks/soil staining on the topside of coils, a protective adhesive skin or suitable adhesive tape can be applied. I used UV-resistant Gorilla tape on my Minelab coils – which I found fit-for-purpose.