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Gold Hog to Dream Mat conversion

Gold Hog to Dream Mat conversion

Today we are looking at converting our flair section of a sluice from Gold hog matting over to the new and more effective dream mat configuration.

Due to the width of the existing sluice flair we have opted to use rubber bumpers but timber could also be used in this example. see the video below for more info.



Highbanker Flare test Australia day 2015

So Ive been testing some goldhog matte configurations using the flair out system to see what fine gold we can capture whilst running seriously aggressive water through the header box and down the initial sluice.

The new spray bars are made to allow additional flow without restricting pressure so we can drench our material in the hopper. The spray bars are custom threaded 50mm bar.

I plan on incorporating either expanded metal in the flair to knock some of the velocity out of the water or i will build small wings dams to separate the water. After smoothing the water flow out with a rubber damper i was pretty happy with the spread.

Now configuration wise I ran 9.5 degrees in the aggressive Matt then 7.5 for the flare. I later tested it out running 5 degrees and as expected the riffled packed up with black sand very quickly.

overall very happy with the capture rate, the fine gold speaks volumes about it. I did several test pans form the tailing and only got 3 specks all up so i'm happy with that especially with the amount of black sand and gems we were contesting with.


Next test will be on a fine gold deposit and hopefully well see some serious results. until then here's some photos.

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